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Bot Shield

One of the biggest problems running a Cash Crusader site is the existence of cheats. There are various ways that people try to cheat and Cash Crusader does have some useful tools to address some of these methods, such as the Turing number system, and cheat links. However, one major problem exists that Cash Crusader offers no real protection for - that is, people who cheat the site by using automated clicking software, a form of 'bots'.

Now, at last there is a new tool to combat this type of cheat. 'Bot Shield' gives you a way to detect and manage this problem. The plugin will automatically monitor all clicks on paid links on your site, and analyse the technical data behind those clicks. Used in conjunction with some of the inbuilt anti-cheat functions Bot Shield will prove to be an invaluable tool in the ongoing fight against click-cheats.

Bot Shield also includes a special feature called 'Bot Trap', designed to specifically attract and catch cheat clicks.

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This script is only available for the Cash Crusader script.

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