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Network Builder

This plugin gives you a way to add a major new function to your Cash Crusader based site, a feature for members to use your site to build their downlines in all the other referral-based sites they are members of - to help them build a network of referrals in any number of web sites. This is similar to the 'downline builders' you may know from forums, or as standalone scripts available on the market today, but it is also more than that.

The plugin works in two main ways, through three separate pages available to the members. The first page is for the members to use to promote the other programs they are members of to people outside your site (the 'Promo Page'). The second page is for promoting to other members of your site (the 'Builder Page'). The third page is where the members add, edit or delete the programs they have in the system.

The Promo Page:
This page will list the member's promoted programs and is designed for promoting at other web sites, in traffic exchanges, as a target point for banner advertising, and so on. As a secondary effect, anyone who clicks through to this page and signs up to your Cash Crusader site will also be placed in their downline there. Any programs added to the plugin by you as Admin will also be shown on this page.

The Builder Page:
This page will show programs added by the member's upline, and is the core of the downline building power of the plugin. As a member of the Cash Crusader site, any programs you add to the plugin will be shown to your downline members. They in turn can then add the programs they sign up to (or any other downline programs they wish) which will be promoted to *their* downline. Once again, programs added by the admin are also shown through this page.

Additional Features:

  • All programs added by members, or edited by members go into a Pending status until approved by the admin.
  • Multiple pages - you can have as many separate 'ad groups' as you like, and for each one, separate pages will be available for members.
  • Layout options - for each ad group and page, you can specify the layout with number of columns and total number of programs per page. Any programs more than that number will overflow on to additional pages, with 'Next' and 'Previous' style links between them. Note that for groups with multiple column layouts you will need to restrict the sizes of banners members add.
  • Set a limit on the number of programs of each type that each member can add to the plugin.
  • On the member's program editing page, a full list of URLs is automatically generated - each page requires a special URL for each member.

See a demo of the Member Admin PageHere
See a demo of the Builder PageHere
See a demo of the Builder Promo PageHere
Admin demo Here
Login details for member area: login - demo | password - demo
Password for admin demo site: demo

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